04/16 Mystic Masala Grand Opening w/Shoes!

Popped by to catch up with Mystic Masala’s CEO and Spice Mistress Glynnis Osher at her new retail location in the cutest little house in the ‘hood! 1723 Grant Street (just off of Commercial Drive). The Mystic Masala location is a warm welcoming space filled with amazing scents and spicy aroma’s. I am sensitive to fragrance and found that the purity of her oils and ground spices did not even cause a sniffle. Heaven!

Glynnis is a woman highly skilled and knowledgeable in all things Ayurvedic. She can explain every detail of every product that she handcrafts with ingredients and oils sourced from the purest sources worldwide. What I enjoy about spending time with Glynnis is that she lives this life 24/7, not just during store hours. That’s refreshing.

Why I have added this event in the blog is that Glynnis is also a lover of vintage and eco-friendly fashion. We discussed footwear and the demise of her favourite New York shoe store Sacco. The red suede wedges she was wearing today plus a pair of crazy embroidered knee boots (tucked away in the office) were from Sacco and they are both still going strong over twelve years later!

A graphic designer for more than a decade, she designs all her materials and the packaging labels which are gorgeous and intricate. I couldn’t help take a photo of her label rack. Very enviable of the organization going on in her onsite office!


Next time you are on The Drive why not stop in? Grab a veggie burger at Charlaton Restaurant but hold the dessert because the Mystic Masala will satisfy your sweet cravings with zero calories!

Visit our Facebook page for more on the Mystic Masala opening!


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