EFW08 – Day 2 – 68lb Challenge w/Tammy Joe ‘Young Oak’

ECO FASHION WEEK: ‘The 68lb Challenge’ with Young Oak, founder and designer Tammy Joe

By Helen Siwak of KitsilanoKittysCloset.com, West Coast Correspondent


This challenge is based on the statistic that sixty-eight pounds is the amount of clothing and textiles the average North American throws away each year. The chosen designer, Tammy Joe of Young Oak, was challenged to put together a fashion forward collection by recycling and repurposing sixty-eight pounds of discarded clothing from Value Village. Not the clothing hanging within the store but rather the pieces that did not sell and were pulled for recycling and about to be shipped off to sorting warehouses for the rag trade. The process from beginning to end is daunting as the designer not only has to find garments that will represent the base aesthetic of the collection but also pieces large enough to have enough fabric to create new garments if necessary.

Like many Canadians, young Tammy Joe wore an endless stream of hand-me-downs from her older family members. Bulky sweaters and oversized winter coats became the inspiration for creative change and she grew up scouring church bazaars, garage sales, thrift stores on weekends away from school…

For the full article click here for Fashion With A Conscience blog!

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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