EFW08 Day 2: Ghazal Elhaei, Jerome Insorio and Hey Jude

ECO Fashion Week – Day #2 Coverage of the Value Village Thrift Chic Challenge
Ghazal Elhaei ‘Man Up’, Jerome Insorio ‘Label Deficiency’, Lauren Clark & Lyndsey Chow ‘Hey Jude’


ECO FASHION WEEK: ‘The Thrift Chic’ Challenge Sponsored by Value Village

By Helen Siwak of KitsilanoKittysCloset.com, West Coast Correspondent

2014 brings the fifth edition of the Thrift Chic Challenge which consists of three stylists and $500 in gift certificates from Value Village with which to create 10 runway ready outfits. Using only clothing, footwear, accessories and anything else that could be found within the stores walls to convey who they are and the aesthetic they represent.

This is the first year participants submitted portfolios to have them voted upon by a team from Value Village, Joy PecknoldWest Coast Editor of Fashion Magazine, and the many fans of Eco Fashion Week using Facebook. A unique concept that proved very successful and hugely popular with fashion loving locals.

I sat down with each participant the afternoon of the runway show to find out more about who they are and the process that they went through to achieve their vision in an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious way…

For full article click here for Fashion With a Conscience blog coverage of #EFW08 Day #2.

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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