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Hats Off to the Hastings Hattery!

#KKC covered the launch of Hastings Hattery on June 26th in our beautiful hometown of Vancouver, BC. Here is the article published in

Hats Off to the Hastings Hattery!

photography and article by guest blogger Helen Siwak

In Vancouver, the revitalization of Hastings Street has been an ongoing and oftentimes arduous process, but with the addition of The Hastings Hattery, past and the present are meeting at a beautiful architectural crossroads. The Flack Block was built in 1898 and underwent an intensive two-year renovation before re-opening in 2008. The interiors of the Hastings Hattery are exposed brick and warm woods and filled to the proverbial brim with head coverings of all shapes, sizes and colours for women and men.

TheLadiesImage hastings hattery rachelle cashato
Owner Rachelle Cashato grew up on the East Coast and moved to Vancouver in 2005. She believes that fashion should be beautiful, empowering, and ethical. She is passionate about working with many local designers and fellow business owners to bring back the classic retail experience where service is king and the products are specialty. This new space will be providing full service restoration, custom work, and quality Canadian brands in a neighbourhood built on the backs of Canadian production. With authentic age old hatting equipment and new custom made brands, work benches, hat blocks, and boxes.

The promise of great party on opening night, led me to the decision to upcycle some headgear for myself and Alison, one of our summer interns at Kitsilano Kitty’s Closet. I started with two vintage wool berets (generously donated by the vivacious Vancouver socialite Randi Winter) that matched our respective skintones, a $20 bag of costume and junk jewellery from the local thrift store, my trusty sewing kit and a folding table. An impromptu work station was set-up and with Neko Case singing like an angel in the background, I started breaking down the jewellery.

BeretProgressImage hastings hattery rachelle cashato

The emerald green beret for Alison was to be dramatic to match her fashion flair, while my cream one would be much simpler as I have much more of a ‘black on black’ wardrobe. With three pairs of earrings, a long sparkling bling ring, some peacock feathers, a spool of strong thread, the fair-skinned Alison had a Celtic inspired upcycled beret that complemented her outfit of a ribbed Catherine Malandrino cashmere cowl neck dress, taupe sandals and a bright clutch.

To read the full article please click thru to:

Best wishes to all!


(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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