11 Days to the Runway! VFW S/S 2015 – Renata Buzzo


Today I have chosen to spotlight Brazilian designer Renata Buzzo as her garments are gorgeous, airy and fantastical. The feelings of kinship comes from the fact that she is a devout vegan and a passionate thrifter. (I wonder if she has ever sustained a thrifting injury?!) We are so similar that we share the same haircut! Though her puppy is much smaller and easily carried, I are sure that she would love our rescue Snickers  with her curious and intrusive snout!

Renata’s looks incorporate ‘moulage’ draping which means ‘draped on the form’. Haute couture houses utilize this technique extensive and there are many youtube videos of two masters Valentino and The House of Dior that will mesmerize and inspire.

11 Days until VFW S/S 2015!

Renata Buzzo is a fashion graduate of Facultade Santa Marcelina. She is a devout vegan, passionate about animals, books and vintage film. She likes to immerse herself in the world of thrift and consignment, where she completely looses track of time. As an unconditional fan of history and the antique, she prefers custom-made as a way to produce garments; her favorite fashion technique is moulage draping.

In the pursuit of her dream career, she combined all her passions together to create a unique concept for her brand. And it worked!”

Photos courtesy Vancouver Fashion Week.

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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