3 Days to Runway! VFW S/S 2015 – Akira Kuwabara

Last season attendees were awed by the 3D printed stilettos at Vancouver Fashion Week crafted by designer Pierre RenauxJust this past week designer Katya Leonovich showcased 3D printed embellishments on her garments at Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week so it was only a matter of time before full-on 3D printed dresses would be on the catwalk.

But…Tokyo designer Akira Kuwabara showed his 3D designs during ‘The Soen Prize,’ the budding fashion designers’ contest at Bunka Fashion College at the same time we were enjoying Pierre’s heels!

Obviously not practical for day-to-day wear but for those events where there is no sitting and just posing, like festival galas, these 3D designs would guarantee lots of attention and definity notoriety for being willing to throw caution to the wind all for the sake of style!

METRO LIVING ZINE IMAGE CREDIT: AFP/Toru Kanamaka (http://www.manager.co.th/home/viewnews.aspx)

Photo courtesy of AFP/Toru Kanamaka (http://www.manager.co.th/home/viewnews.aspx)

Akira Kuwabara has many thoughts towards clothes, but his greatest thoughts would be to make people happy through fashion. Clothes prove it’s value only when it provides happiness in people’s lives. This designer wants to share those moments with his fashion and design. In addition to making people happy with his apparel, he also wants to make the surrounding environment into a happier atmosphere. This is the kind of clothing he wants to create.”

METRO LIVING ZINE IMAGE CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (http://www.vancouverfashionweek.com)

Photo courtesy: Vancouver Fashion Week (http://www.vancouverfashionweek.com)

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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