2 Days to Runway! VFW S/S 2015 – Lu Liu

Lu Liu is a mystery to me! I have searched the internet, visited her wix website and scrolled through her FB page and I still have no idea who this designer is! It is confounding – who found her? How did she get on the roster?

What I do know is that the mind that created the stunning bell-sleeved piece below and puts hers own ‘mousey’ image on the amazing dress (in the bottom photo) is worth waiting for on the runway. Here is to hoping we will be caught off guard!

METRO LIVING ZINE IMAGE CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (http://vanfashionweek.com/lu-liu/)

Vancouver Fashion Week (http://vanfashionweek.com/lu-liu/)

“I am from northeast of China, which is Harbin. It is an ice city. My collection is mainly about the mixture of Chinese and American culture. I have over fifteen years of extensive hand drawing and illustration extensive training with a famous Chinese artist. So when I build up my collection, I choose to print out my art work, which are water color and gouache; the photo of my city and my own photographs in my design with lots of modern elements. I used all colorful colors for this collection, it makes collection bright, fun, lovely, deluxe and gorgeous.

My collection covered all styles of outfits, include female and male; which are jumpsuit, bubble dress, wrap, dress coat, and motorcycle jacket. I did a lot of hand stitch to make all details to be three-dimensional. Such as man’s yarn jacket, woman’s bow wrap, and all characters and patterns. I like to do crazy fashion with sense of fun. I hope everyone can understand my culture background and my current life in the USA through my collection. In the future, I want to own my own studio and do custom designs for individual clients.”

METRO LIVING ZINE IMAGE CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (http://vanfashionweek.com/lu-liu/)

Vancouver Fashion Week (http://vanfashionweek.com/lu-liu/)

URL: http://lulula8902.wix.com/title / FB: michelle.liu.315428

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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