Pamela Anderson Joins Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors

Pamela Anderson Baywatch Paul Watson

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Canadian actress Pamela Anderson’s iconic blonde bombshell persona and red bathing suit may have made her a household name but it is her love of animals that will be her enduring legacy. She is a long time supporter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its founder, Captain Paul Watson. Pamela will lend her persona and passion to the organization’s prestigious Media and Arts Advisory Board. She joins other notables such as Richard Dean Anderson, Anthony Kiedis, Rafe Mair, Dianne Warren and Sean Penn.

Pamela Anderson Sea Shepherd

Pamela has not only dedicated her time and resources to human and animal rights, and environmental protection, but she has also bravely fought on the frontlines for change. She has received many awards and recognitions including Mercy for Animals Sam Simon Award for being a defender of animal rights, and in 2014 was named Grand Dame of Montenegro in recognition of her animal activism. She is also the recipient of the Linda McCartney Memorial Award, presented to her by Sir Paul McCartney, to recognize her dedicated work as a staunch defender of animal rights. She has also spoken on the subject of animal rights to government legislatures, and at universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

Over the years, Pamela has served numerous other charitable causes including MAC Cosmetic’s MAC AIDS Fund, American Liver Foundation, J/P Haitian Relief Organization, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Pamela has also been deeply involved in supporting groups working on climate change issues such as Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution as well as Cool Earth.

Vivienne Westwood Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson backstage with Vivienne Westwood. Image credit:

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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