ECO Fashion Week Season 9 Launches in EcoStyle!

Photography: Kuna Lu | www.kunaphotography.comThe Fairmont Waterfront was abuzz with models, designers, stylebloggers, H&M contest winners and local media last night at the official launch of ECO Fashion Week Season 9.

The room was filled with excited conversation, flowing wine, eco-friendly fashion by H&M‘s latest Conscious Collection and photo opportunities for all against the media wall and with friends. Carnivores were treated to tray after tray of treats and we veggie’s indulged in wine and donuts.

The H&M Conscious Collection was on display and on models which moved within the crowd. Congrat’s to Anna and Marc Riese of La Biosthetique for once again crafted gorgeous hairstyles and flawless make-up.

HM Clothes CollageI spent most of the evening in discussion with the two ladies – Parisa Nafei and Connally McDougall! Parisa has just ventured out on her own after two years of blogging with VancityVogue and will be launching her FashionXPassion blog and Connally is working hard on promotion and follow-up from VFW of her ecofriendly ‘Elysium‘ collection. We power talked about the business of fashion, entrepreneurship, strategic alliances, health and diet, and of course, the upcoming launch of our ecoluxury lifestyle boutique #THECloset (which will be carrying samples from Connally’s last season).

In keeping with the ECO theme of this upcoming week, I quickly hit The Wildlife Thriftstore (Granville & Drake) for this men’s silk Brioni shirt for $10 (retail $895-$1150) and Michael Kors black trousers for $8 (retail $262). I paired them with my previously thrifted Fioni peep-toe boots and Chinese Laundry bubble bag. A whole outfit for approximately $50! If you want to shop like this or have KKC shop for you, visit our website for ecostyling and wardrobe services.

Gala Night 3

Top: Left to Right: Parisa Nafei (FashionXPassion styleblogger), Connally McDougall (Eco Designer), Helen Siwak (Fashion contributor to VancityBuzz). Bottom: Jennifer Gray (Jennyfleur Loves), Justin Voitic (The FIVE Agency), Jihan Amer (Wilhemina Ca), Christopher Edwards, Connally McDougall (again!).

Gala Night 2

Power Duo’s! Left: Jigme Nehring & Courtney Watkins (Mine & Yours) with Sara Miller (ECO), Joshua Langston & Viranlly Liemena (The Social Life), Aurora Chan & Miranda Sam (Style by Fire ) with Myriam Laroche (Founder of ECO).

Gala Night 1

Left: Natalie Langston (journalist, tv host & producer), Vicki Duong (Style by Fire), Colleen Tsoukalas (centre-ClothesLineFinds)

Ashleigh Collage

Left: Justin Voitic (The FIVE Agency), Ashleigh Anne (ECO Media). Right: Samantha Sito (Obsessive Trend Invitation), Andy Chu (Producer)

Looking forward to assisting stylist Dominique Hanke backstage today getting her models completed for runway!

Day 2 Schedule:

5:00pm   Pre-Loved show featuring Mine&Yours and Turnabout (Styled by Sarah D’arcey)

7:00pm   Thift Chic Challenge

8:30pm   68 Pound Challenge

Ciao ciao until tomorrow!

All photographs by Kuna Lu Photography. Courtesy of ECO Fashion Week.

(This article was written by Helen Siwak)


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