Wham BBAM Thank You Van! Art Show @1000Parker

Picked up an unusual gig this long week-end via the wonders of Facebook – assisting art aficionados through the complicated internal mechanisms of 1000 Parker Street! (What a great break from fashion, puppy parks and the dreaded treadmill!) One of the patrons took this snap and I am really pleased that the fresh air was making my smile so wide.

Helen Siwak, Head of Security

Helen Siwak, Head of Security

Ralph Alfonso and Alison Rogers brought their BBAM! Gallery / galerie bbam experience from Montreal with a showcase of female painters recreating the BBAM! music and art experience for their Vancouver friends.

The artwork is diverse, erotic, macabre and luscious. It is the lack of cohesion that makes the show so wonderful visually.

Before taking my post I had a chance to snap some pictures of my favourite pieces. If you want to see more, come by Sunday May 17th to see all the art, a glass of wine and great music. 7-10pm.

The BBAM show features art by:

Layla Folkmann

Artist: Layla Folkmann of Montreal

Kamille Yergeau

Artist: Kamille Yergeau of Montreal

Artist: Carylann Loeppky

Artist: Carylann Loeppky of Vancouver and the show is in her studio

Artist: Natalia Krioutchkova

Artist: Natalia Krioutchkova of Vancouver and shows regularly around the city.

Kimberly Sunstrum performed a solo set of her original music for the attendees, followed by Vancouver’s own beatnik spoken word poet, publisher and art gallery owner Ralph Alfonso.

Ralph Alfonso & Kimberley Sunstrum

Ralph Alfonso & Kimberley Sunstrum chilling before the doors open.

Copies of Ralph’s books and the acclaimed punk book, Treat Me Like Dirt (published by Ralph) will be available, as well as the 1977 punk and beyond photography prints will also be on sale (Ramones, Blondie, Dead Boys, Patti Smith, Bif Naked, etc).

Ralph Alfonso literature available dating from 1977.

Available to diehards and collectors: Ralph Alfonso literature available dating from 1977!

For more event details, visit the Facebook event page! Wham BBAM Thank You Van!


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