Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Hugo Boss with Shelby (aka the Pratt)

Hugo Boss, Shelby, Pratt, Helen Siwak, Vancouver, YVRI recently was invited to the opening of the McArthurGlen outlet at the Vancouver International Airport. As a good friend of mine recently got appointed to a prestigious executive position there, I was more than excited to mark the occasion at an exclusive pre-launch event … until I found out that I was traveling out of the country that day. Alas, I will be unable to make the pilgrimage to Hugo Boss, one of the brands I love most. So for this week’s blog post, I decided to mark the occasion in spirit by choosing a Hugo Boss cravat in a reverse of last week’s knot: the Shelby Knot, also known as the Pratt Knot.


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Popularized in the 70s, the Shelby knot was named after anchorman Don Shelby, and was re-introduced into popular vernacular with the success of the first Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy film. Think of it as the Windsor in reverse: the set-up start with the wide end on the right, not on the left as usual. Yet this is also a simplified version that looks similar to the Windsor. The Shelby, evoking the 70s, works well with wider ties. Because it doesn’t need to be tied around several times, heavier fabrics work well with it. If you’re going to go fully retro, louder prints that channel The Jeffersons may suit the occasion. It’s also works well if your tie is shorter, and holds all day long.

Hugo boss, ritchie po, helen siwak, vancouver, yvr

Shirt: DKNY; Shoes: Fluevog; Shoelaces: Stolen Riches; Belt: Topshop; Watch: Dior; Bag: Ted Baker; Pants: Zara

One thing to note about the Boss tie is that they are engineered to be bold and structured like a German compound word: the parts seem incongruous at first, but stylistically they make perfect sense when combined into a whole. The ultimate last word in making a bold statement no matter what age you reach in manhood is always Hugo Boss.

I may not be in my beloved Vancouver for the opening of the long-awaited YVR outlets, which I’ve been awaiting for years, but you can bet that’ll be my first stop after I disembark from my return flight!

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po
IG: ritchie.po

(Read more about the Hugo Boss June opening in Pacific Centre Mall here).


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