Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Half Windsor with Vintage Bloomingdales

bloomingdales, ritchie po, helen siwak, vancouver, yvr, menswear, necktie

Shirt: Maxwell Clothiers (MTM); Pants: Zara; Belt: Topshop; Shoes: Buks; Watch: Rolex

Am traveling in California this week and no trip would be complete without a well-spent afternoon at Bloomingdales. One of the premiere high-end retailers in the United States, nothing connotes the ultimate in luxury like one of their signature brown bags. It is always a thrill to think of what goodies must be inside that are presented humbly but with understated good taste. It’s no wonder that Rachel Green lusted after working for the venerable brand on Friends. For this week’s post I will be en route to San Francisco and spending copious amounts of time in their spectacular flagship store at Westfield Shopping Center near Union Square.
knotwerk by ritchie po, half windsor, necktie, helen siwak, vancouver, yvr

As you can see, I’ve gone all-in on with my Bloomingdale’s photo shoot with their durable laptop case, which is a great statement piece to bring a sense of whimsy to any business meeting. I’m also carrying a cross-body carry-all of their “little canvas bag” that sits humbly but makes its presence known. And when one arrives at Bloomingdales, one presents one’s self as well, which is why I recommend if you’re going to shop but need to get in and out of clothes without having to redo a complicated knot, that you go with a simplified version of my Zegna post and use a Half-Windsor knot.

Shirt: Maxwell Clothiers (MTM); Pants: Zara; Belt: Topshop; Shoes: Buks (?); Watch: Rolex

Image credit: The Art of Manliness

The Half-Windsor knot is a way to tie a cravat to look sophisticated but with only half the work. The name derives from its more structured cousin because all one needs to do is tie the cravat on one side and not have to worry about anchoring the look on the other side, but still look clean and well put-together. It is perfectly suited to the environment and, when trying on multiple ties or shirts, is the ideal short-cut to creating, matching and test-driving looks. This is especially helpful when faced with a barrage of the season’s newest looks and needing to try them all economically, but without sacrificing creating the look itself.

Since Bloomingdales will always be an American institution and have no plans yet to come to Canada, I must contend myself with shopping there as a destination in and of itself.

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po
IG: ritchie.po

(All photographs by Helen Siwak of THEClosetYVR)


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