Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Gianfranco Ferre with Capsule Knot

ritchie po, lhermitage hotel, medina cafe, helen siwak, gianfranco ferre

This week, we celebrate the opening of TheCloset YVR’s brick-and-mortar location in Gastown. It’s not every day that one speaks of luxury and eco-friendly in the same breadth, but being stylish means acquiring, mixing and matching pieces from both high-end and mass-market shops. TheCloset YVR fits in well with Vancouver’s yen for going high-fashion if we need a collective night away from our yoga pants. The shop will be located in an area of downtown Vancouver that is undergoing urban revitalization, close to the landmark Woodward’s building and a short walk from the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station at International Village. I for one am looking forward to the grand opening on August 22 and the media launch just before, and will be on-hand every so often to give tie-tying tutorials.

We continue our Knotwerk by Ritchie Po series with a variation on the cravat from the previous two weeks. Think of this entry as adding a new level of difficulty to a dive, a math formula or a recipe with which you’re already familiar. Readers have seen and tried the Atlantic knot and the Cape knot, and now we up the ante with the Capsule knot.

The Cape Knot, ritchie po, helen siwak, knotwerk by ritchie po


This is a stunner that starts off and is tied very similarly to both knots, with the wide end just below the navel and completed entirely with the narrow end. You create the two “triangles” like you do with the Cape, but instead of flipping over the wide end to finish off, you take the narrow end and loop it through both triangles and cut across the centre, then loop it over the top and hide the rest of the little end beneath your collar. The effect is similar to the Cape, but by tying around twice, you create a layered 3-D effect that gives added dimensions to the cravat. This works well with wide and thin cravats and does not “eat” much fabric. It is more difficult to accomplish with thicker pieces, in which case I suggest you stick with the more basic Atlantic knot for a similar (but simplified) look.

Ritchie Po, L'Hermitage, Medina, Cafe, Helen Siwak, capsule, gianfranco ferre

Shirt & Vest: Mexx; Jeans: TopMan; Belt: Calvin Klein; Jacket: House of Howe; Shoes: Costume National; Socks: Happy Socks; Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive

The cravat by Gianfranco Ferre I’ve chosen for this week has some sentimental value, as my editor Helen Siwak sold me my first-ever Ferre piece last winter in the form of a stunning sport coat (which is too hot to model now, but I promise to wear it when the weather gets cold!) that conveys a quiet, understated luxury that announces its presence in the details. In many ways, this says much about the designer himself, and fits well with Vancouver’s fashion sensibility.

We look forward to the opening of TheCloset YVR and hope to see everyone on August 22!

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po
IG: ritchie.po

(All photographs by Helen Siwak of THEClosetYVR)


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