Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Vintage Lanvin with The Cross

lanvin, ritchie po, helen siwak, yvr, vancouver

Photography: Kuna Lu |

There have been a lot of parties this summer in Vancouver as elsewhere. There was the recent Diner En Blanc, Pride festivities, Squamish and Pemberton music festivals, the McLaren House Sparkle fundraiser, and numerous other soirees, fetes and festivals, including the long-awaited private media launch and opening ceremony for TheCloset YVR.

Photography: Kuna Lu |

Shirt: Reaction by Kenneth Cole; Belt: Calvin Klein; Shoes: John Fluevog; Pants: DKNY; Vest: vintage (unknown); Socks: Psycho Bunny. Photography: Kuna Lu |

Be it luxury or leisurely, the perfect cravat and the perfect knot can make any occasion shine. This week we focus on the simple, elegant yet funky transitional Cross (Christensen) Knot that works well for every one of these occasions, befitting hipsters and benefactors alike.

This week’s choice of cravat is old money luxury incarnate, the venerable French brand Lanvin. Founded in 1889, the brand came into prominence for their timeless looks and especially for their fragrances. Never known for licensing, Lanvin continues to exude old world luxury because, like their fragrances, they never diluted the brand name for mass-market ubiquity. Hardly stuffy, the brand is known for their intricate designs and layered details that show off exquisite craftsmanship. Such a brand deserves a knot that’s similar in spirit.

The Cross or Christensen Knot looks layered but is actually very simple to tie. This tends to “eat” a lot of fabric and is tied with the wide end, so using a longer tie is ideal. One may get away with a somewhat wider knot, but it is not suited for thick fabrics. The tie starts like the Windsor but tucking the wide end over the narrow end, but the key is to create the central overlapping loops, which is simpler than it sounds. To create the loops, use the index or middle finger of the hand holding the crossover in place, then layer the wide end twice over it. This creates the opening through which you loop the wide end. Use your finger to guide the wide end through both loops, then straighten the whole cravat out. Adjust the length by tightening up the knot, but be sure to keep the layered look of the two knots by overlapping, but never concealing one loop over the other. This creates a little bit of detail that merits a second look. Like Lanvin, it is a luxurious look that can transition due to its versatility, and never goes out of style.

cross. christensen, knotwerk, helen siwak, ritchie po

Reader, as you will see from the pictures, there was a brilliant time to be head at the opening of TheCloset YVR. Be sure to drop by if you’re hankering for luxury and if I’m there as well, ask me for a quick tie demo. Hopefully we can send you directly from the shop to your next event looking absolutely smashing every single time.

lanvin, ritchie po, helen siwak, vancouver, yvr

Photography: Kuna Lu |

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po
IG: ritchie.po

(All photographs by Kuna Photography Group)


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