Universoul Style: EcoLuxury

Step Into My Groove, SIM G, Armani, vancouver, yvr, helen siwak

Style, like love, is immaterial, it’s fluid.  It’s a distinct appearance that is determined by the preferences, proclivities and principles held by the designer.  Great personal style is the byproduct of humble self awareness, unabashed inner vision, intellectual creativity and unrelenting trial and error.

At the foundation of my personal style is a realization that on many important levels culturally, we in contemporary society are dealing with a form of crass commercialism, (that has no relationship to quality, only a quantative assessment of a thing) that obscures a prior relationship to quality, social responsibility and integrity on an individual level.  Which brings me back to personal style and being uniquely creative and socially responsible.

Style for me is about uniqueness in perception, sensation, communication and extraction.

Perceptions can become realities, what type are you creating visually?  What are you expecting people to feel, if anything?  What thoughts are you subconsciously or consciously transmitting with your style?  When you’ve left someone’s presence, what have they taken away from the experience?

Personal style is of particular significance to an artist and can be quite consequential as well.  Your personal style, how you choose, to present yourself to the world says something to the type of artist you are and art you create.  Personal style is that part of the artists portfolio that can constantly be altered, updated and worked on.  Remixes, old standards, reinterpretations of classic covers.  A strong personal style helps an artist to communicate creatively using a common medium to showcase their imagination with a unique perspective.

Step Into My Groove, SIM G, Armani, vancouver, yvr, helen siwak

Artistic expression in it’s many forms is about the communication of ideas and feelings, an aesthetic experience, using a variety of tools and techniques to portray the human condition.

Variety is the spice of life and there is no better way stylistically to keep things fresh and flavorful than with unique designer pieces, found in unique establishments like TheCloset YVR or taken from your own ‘curated’ collection and altered, repurposed or reimagined.

Ecoluxury is in perfect harmony and rhythm with the constant search for production quality and instinctual creativity of the true artist.  Resources are used to their fullest potential in often unintended ways that often times yield surprising results providing unexpected learning experiences.

Step Into My Groove, SIM G, Armani, vancouver, yvr, helen siwak

Style for the artist is an instrument of communication.


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One thought on “Universoul Style: EcoLuxury

  1. myprettyjunk says:

    Your so eloquent and speak the truth its your own vision your own style your own look.. wear it be it . Bring it on I wanta see what you got in your closet .. Don’t be shy .. Speak to the people with your Style


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