chargeitspot, nordstrom, vancouver, helen siwak

Nordstrom & ChargeItSpot Partner for Customer Convenience

The Nordstrom Vancouver flagship store will not only boast one of the company’s most comprehensive selections of luxury designers including Saint Laurent Paris and Christian Louboutin, the Pacific Centre store will stand as a truly world-class retailer against the world’s top department stores.

On September 18, the store will open its doors at 9:30 a.m., and it’s very likely that cellphones will quickly be out of battery after all the selfies and Instagram posts – and chaos will ensue. So to avoid this situation, Nordstrom has partnered with ChargeItSpot.

chargeitspot, nordstrom, vancouver, helen siwak

ChargeItSpot. Image credit: Helen Siwak

Nordstrom is offering a free charging station for cell phones, which will be located next to the customer service bar on the first floor. To use them, customers enter their mobile number and choose a security image, select an available locker, insert their phone and plug it into the relevant charging cord and go enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.


Security images to be used by Nordstrom at charging station. Image credit: ChargeItSpot

In a statement exclusive to Vancity Buzz, ChargeItSpot’s founder and CEO Doug Baldasare said:

“Cell phones simply can’t keep up with our need for constant connection. When our batteries run low, we become anxious and lose our ability to have fun while we shop. ChargeItSpot helps retailers be that ‘saviour’ to their customers. Offering them a free phone charge gives them peace of mind which, in turn, promises a better shopping experience and a more loyal customer. It also ensures that can stay engaged with the retail brand via social media and the store’s mobile app. With many retailers pushing their own apps, a phone charging station is an absolutely critical amenity to ensure that brand-customer connection.”

Peace of mind is important when urban adventuring through 230,000 sq. ft. of a shoppers paradise!

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