Universoul Style: Painting with Style

Step Into My Groove, SIM G, Armani, vancouver, yvr, helen siwak

Your body is your own unique canvas.

Style is the brush, textiles are the medium.  You can use bold contrasting colors that are lush, or subtle tones that make you concentrate your gaze to see them.

Supplies must be gathered, inspiration must be found, uniqueness and success must be achieved.  Where to go to achieve all three?  Brick lined streets lined with historic brick buildings.  Trendy without being pretentious.

Gastown is without question Vancouver’s coolest neighborhood, TheCloset YVR one of it’s coolest most uniquely versatile and cutting edge retail shops.  Unlike the manufactured cool that you get with many of the other upscale trendy neighborhoods, Gastown is much more organic in feel, look and attitude.  It is the consummate example of ecoluxury.  That is; something that was made with quality and care and is now being passed along and reimagined, to bring out new and different characteristics.  Initiating, establishing and anchoring the ecoluxury movement and lifestyle, TheCloset YVR adds the sweet flavor of social satisfaction and accomplishment to the neighborhood.

Use the character of the streets as inspiration in establishing your style when you’re thinking about color.  Let the colors come to you and embrace them, celebrate them.  At TheCloset YVR, color is celebrated with bold offerings from legendary high-end designers and top quality, unique pieces from talented artists sold exclusively at the store.  Let yourself go and explore fashion in simple ways that will hypen up your nights and ignite your days.

A world of new colors will transform yours, you’ll be amazed. 

You can go days and days and not wear the same color combination twice.  Sizzling reds and invigorating blues like fire and ice, dance across your body with sheer delight.  Unleash powerful mean greens and punctuate with passionate purples.  Glow golden and embolden with ostentatious oranges.

The essence and embodiment of each specific hue is not dependent upon monetary concerns, antiquated couture dogma or public endorsement.

Paint with a style that’s your own, uniquely suited to you.  Create a signature style with broad sensual strokes or subtle titillating patterns that are figure flattering.

Transfer emotions and feelings that are in your head and you get black and white together, with silk accents in red, crimson cravats tied into Angel knots.  Let the colors in your dreams shine, shop ’til you drop with ecoluxury in mind.

When it comes to color and couture flashing loud and bright isn’t always right.  You can still be sensational and look outta sight while exploring more muted shades of grey’s with sips of warm rich dark chocolaty browns.  Whatever your flavor, what are the colors of your style today?  Make your way to Gastown and see just how the colorful nature of ecoluxury can transform your world for the better.

Step Into My Groove, SIM G, Armani, vancouver, yvr, helen siwak

Style for the artist is an instrument of communication.


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