10/23: Style & Substance: A Climate Change Pop-Up

David Suzuki Foundation, David Suzuki, Climate Change, Vivian Chan, Helen Siwak, climate change

Organizer & Philanthropist Vivian Chan shares:

“The “Style & Substance” campaign was born out of a feeling of immense gratitude and a desire to simplify my life. Being born in Canada, I was gifted the power of “choice”. When you are raised in a socially democratic country you have the power to choose hardwork, education, profession and friends. These are huge luxuries that are not afforded to everyone on this planet. After 15 years of working in the technology sector, I have acquired so many rich experiences and things.

In May 2015 this year, I started learning more about Climate Change, first by attending several conferences on Water & Environmental Sciences in UK, France and Spain. There I met with over +100 scientists who have dedicated their life work to understanding Mother Nature. All had concerns regarding the patterns and trends they were seeing. These changes to weather and climate will force all living beings to adapt and ask ourselves “what future we want to create for our kids, nephews, nieces, grandchildren – the future generation.”

The future that I want to create for myself is simple. I want to contribute to solving human problems. There are so many. I am not a scientist, politician or corporation, I am just a private citizen who is concerned how changing weather patterns will have an big impact on people’s lives.

Recently, I made myself a personal goal to recycle and reduce the things I owned. I have acquired so many beautiful things – fashion, jewelry, shoes and furniture many of which are rarely used. By simplifying my life, I will be set up to continue my travels in 2016 to Asia and even Africa to learn more about how science and culture are working together. I am exploring the possibility of commercializing climate change technologies.

Please come support and learn more about the Style with Substance event we are hosting at THECloset YVR on Friday October 23. The sale will begin at 12Noon with the reception beginning at 6:00pm and continue to 10:00pm.

*20% of proceeds from my personal cache and 10% of sales from the evening at THECloset YVR, will go to the David Suzuki Foundation.

The rest of the proceeds go to helping me self fund my start up.

We don’t want to preach total world disaster, just to start engaging in conversations about Climate Change and have some fun in the process.

Join us and share repeatedly!

David Suzuki Foundation, David Suzuki, Climate Change, Vivian Chan, Helen Siwak, climate change


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