Universoul Style: Acquiring Personal Style

The conscience curation of the items in one’s closets and drawers allows people to communicate several personal characteristics through a system of colors, shapes, and materials.

stepintomygroove, SIM G, Helen Siwak, Personal Style, Find Yourself

Various from THECloset YVR: Schutz, Escada, Armani, neckwear

Fashion is the quintessential signifier of social and cultural cachet and a way for unique individuals to distinguish themselves from the masses. 

People’s desire for social distinction, prestige, and personality via style is insatiable.  Shopping at unique local boutiques is an excellent strategy for creating personal social cachet and a way for individuals to define who they are to others.  Using fashion to construct an identity through personal style involves striking a balance between group conformity and individuality.

Today, using style to construct various colorful and imaginative narratives of personal identity has become common practice and seen as a path that can lead to fame and fortune and choosing certain designers over others allows would-be celebrity fashionista to exercise their judgment of taste and articulate their sense of class and sometimes cultural identity.

Discovering cool indie designers with lines exclusive to a particular boutique can be like finding that diamond in the ruff.  Many designers these days are designing with ecoluxury in mind.

A choice to reuse materials can be motivated by ethical values as well as part of a calculated effort to enhance the distinctiveness, and uniqueness of their style. Informed shoppers with lots of social capital are always on the lookout for handmade fashion items, especially those made with vintage materials, compelled by the crusade for individuality and an effort to avoid ‘cookie-cutter’ fashion trends.

The proliferation of the internet has lead to an overabundance of opinions and the need for trusted curators is great.

Virtual channels of curation can complement the traditional ‘foot to the pavement’ methods where people can narrow and organize their options online and learn from blogs and video tutorials.  But there’s no substitute for an informative open-minded visit to a local fashion boutique to discuss things face-to-face with professional aestheticians.  There will always be a desire and need to handle and to touch and try on articles of clothing.  The feel alone of a garment on your body is sometimes enough to warrant a purchase.

stepintomygroove, SIM G, Helen Siwak, Personal Style, Find Yourself

Acquiring personal style that transmits well to the world who you are, takes inner-vision and is an ongoing search for inspiration, uniqueness, value and knowledge.


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