Favreau: Form & Fabrics: Winter Knits

The art of knitting was once an incredibly skilled and lengthy process that required patience and commitment, but due to advancements in technology it has easily become accessible to create and customize knit garments.

As the air becomes crisp, and the leaves are brown it is time for us to bundle up in our warm and comfortable knits. Although we may be quick to assume that knit sweaters may only be bulky, uncomfortable, or itchy.  Luckily fashion designers have reinterpreted to be lightweight, figure-flattering, and versatile. This includes multicolored appliques, crochets, and textile blends.  The fashion industry, and designers alike are seeing bloggers and streetstyle stars easily pairing a feminine pieces with knits and challenging the expected fashion norms. The fashion power house, Gucci showcased a Margot Tenenbaum aesthetic mixed in their Fall 2015 Ready-to-wear collection with silk pastel blouses, boldly colored skirt, paired with a knit grey sweater vest.

Maxime Favreau, knitwear, the closet yvr, helen siwak

Image credit: Vogue.com

Maxime Favreau, knitwear, the closet yvr, helen siwak

Image credit: Vogue.com

On the other hand Trussardi took a chunkier two-toned knit sweater and gave it a rock-and-roll makeover for their Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collection. This look showed how easy it would be to curl up in a sweater, all while being able to meet at the cafe with friends. Although at first I was a bit skeptical of mixing the formal and feminine with, the casual and conservative I quickly changed my tune when I witnessed how my outfits were more colorful and versatile!

Here are some suggestions for you to create stylish ensembles – all currently available at THECloset YVR in Gastown.

Maxime Favreau, knitwear, the closet yvr, helen siwak

Available at THECloset YVR: Georges Rech turtleneck with floral imagery, Giorgio Armani grey vest, Marc Jacobs black and grey sweater, Red Valentino orange crocheted cardigan.



Website: www.maximefavreau.com
Twitter: @maximefav


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