Knotwerk City Social: Luxury Supercar Gents

Luxury Supercar Weekend, knotwerk, ritchie po, vancouver, bc, vandusenStyle is something that’s never bought. It must be learned or cultivated organically, and reflect a person’s sensibility and aesthetic. At last month’s Luxury & Supercar Weekend at VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, we came across two dapper gentlemen who embody the spirit of their style. Let’s meet Darcy Kaser and Randall MacDonald.

Luxury Supercar Weekend, knotwerk, ritchie po, vancouver, bc, vandusen

Darcy Kaser & Randall MacDonald

A longtime couple, Darcy and Randall are entrepreneurs who divide their time between Edmonton and Vancouver. Local celebrities in both cities, their stately home was profiled a few years ago in the Edmonton Journal and makes Liberace’s own estate pale by comparison. Baroque yet modern, the couple’s style clearly has classical Neapolitan flourishes with a chic modern European twist. The same can be said for their outfits at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend.

Dressed in a Polenzo Italy suit, Michael Kors shirt, Gucci sunglasses and Gregory West shoes from Harvey Nichols in London, Darcy goes for London’s High Street with a vengeance. The piece de resistance of the outfit is a bow tie from the Victoria Albert Museum in London made from actual newspaper and coated for a shine. It’s the ultimate in upcycled ecoluxury, yet never betrays the luxurious British aesthetic. This is how one mixes fashion in an eco-friendly manner while still looking ready for the runway and a gala.

On Randall, we have shoes by Johnston + Murphy, a made-to-measure monogrammed Executive shirt, coat by Edge New York, Live Gerber boutonniere and Armani sunglasses. Setting off a European sensibility, the belt is a Spanish red snakeskin purchased in Madrid. And for a classic American touch, the pocket square and bow tie come from Izod. Mixing rare one-of-a-kind pieces, bespoke and a more mass-market brand are pulled together for a refreshing look perfect for an end of summer day.

There’s much to admire and to learn from two seasoned fashionable professional men about town (heck, men about more than one town!). As long as gents like Darcy and Randall continue to elevate the tone fashion-wise, the world will always be a stylish place.

Ritchie Po & Knotwerk City Social signing off until the next event!

Luxury Supercar Weekend, knotwerk, ritchie po, vancouver, bc, vandusen

Outside of the Oakridge Mall fashion stage with Michelle Phaneuf of LaBiosthetique Canada.

(Photography by Helen Siwak of THECloset YVR)

Luxury Supercar Weekend, knotwerk, ritchie po, vancouver, bc, vandusen


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