Universoul Style: The Sartorial Elegance of Jazz

stepintomygroove, jazz, SIM G, Helen Siwak, Personal Style, Find YourselfArtistic beauty, simple and smooth, sometimes shy and unassuming, sometimes bold accents and hits that make our body move and move with your body.

Poised humility and intuitive savoir faire are absorbed into divinely inspired creations of haute couture.

Like a groovin’ quintet, the foundation of your outfit or wardrobe must be laid with timeless pieces that are stunningly simple, effortlessly sophisticated and curated with a creativity like Blue Train’s gliding over Supreme Love tracks.

The Sartorial Elegance of Jazz can take you to new frontiers in fashion. Let your auditory senses take in a single delicate, yet powerful note. A sustained whine from a muted horn, edgy in tone as it sways gently over a cool relaxed groove, twirling gently like burnt incense, finding the sweetness of freedom in a grey vaporous system of particles.

Tantalizingly tepid forms and colors lay down a visual bass line that begins to move in rhythm, deliberate and methodical.

Lighter than air, thoughts and ideas unfurl themselves in your mind with the emancipating lightness of their momentary fleeting existence, ascending with a weightless grace and organic beauty. With the final Giant Step from idea to visual confirmation of a concept, another dimension is reached, fashion nirvana.

The human soul, the eternal spirit, can speak in many different ways, in combination and in concert with many different sets of stimuli. The Sartorial Elegance of Jazz speaks to us with a soft gentle beauty found in even the most ordinary and simple forms. Speaking with a soothing subtle sagacity, let your style exhale breaths of pure humanity, that vocalize and bring to light the conceptualization of human conditions through empirical methods of enlightenment.

Listen with your soul and let the harmonies take you to a place where you realize the limitlessness of human creativity. Let the quintessential coalescence of jazz and style, of mind and body, strengthen your fashion modes and take you on a seductive voyage in the far reaches of the symphonic couture experience.

Refinements and reimaginings of basic structures and elements, presenting them in unique ways can have a liberating effect that can be subtly seductive.

“I like to present a certain amount of dissonance with my style….” explains Vivian Chan, Red Threads CEO.

This approach, that embraces the imperfect nature, the asymmetrical reality of a body that’s made up of many consequential pairs, harmonizes wonderfully to cool jazz licks that fill your ear with something enchantingly euphonious, manifesting itself in a subdued style that’s cunningly provocatively passionate.

stepintomygroove, SIM G, Helen Siwak, Personal Style, Find Yourself

Beauty is harmonious interactions between sentient beings, moving you in ways that stir the soul and guide the imagination with chic benevolence that illuminates The Sartorial Elegance of Jazz.


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