Universoul Style: Urban Chic – Style Cadence of the Street

SIM G, StepIntoMyGroove, Helen Siwak, menswear, street style, Helen Siwak

Pleasurable rhythmic pulsating, penetrates your thoughts as you ponder the particular plausibility of various looks. 

You can feel the city moving, like everybody’s grooving to their own personal soundtrack.  Let the harmonious sequences and correlations of colors, patterns, and various visual elements saturate your consciousness like indigo dye in Egyptian cotton.

Contemplation of the couture de jour with your feet on the floor and your head in outer space tuned into the mothership connection.  Make your selection without trepidation like you’re wearing a bullet proof vest against sartorial consternation.  Jeans can be dressy, sneakers can be sophisticated, flat caps can be classy, don’t feel intimidated to let the funk in you flow through in a way that says you’ve been there and done that and now you’ve got the confidence and wisdom to take it to the next level, not that you’re a candidate for euthanasia.

SIM G, StepIntoMyGroove, Helen Siwak, menswear, street style, Helen Siwak

You don’t have to dress like Comic Con youths in Asia to show a uniquely funky side.  Slide into whatever makes you feel comfortable, pair something classic with something contemporary and fun.

SIM G, StepIntoMyGroove, Helen Siwak, menswear, street style, Helen Siwak

Unique images and repurposed patterns, elegant garments covered in whimsical pop visuals fused with contemporary styles homogenize to create a 12” fashion remix.

While navigating the vast urban landscape take care to how you present your feet as you’re strolling down the street.  Edgy lace ups from John Fluevog or more practical leather K-Swiss, either way comfortable fashionable feet will have you gliding down the avenue to a 1970’s disco beat, in double time.  Hit the street oozing urban chic and grace high step it throughout the city like you’re dancing on a Soul Train line.

Graffiti, urban hieroglyphics that are ubiquitous throughout the city, are the perfect compliment to the sweetly unique beat that you create with your Urban Chic personal visual presentation.  The Style Cadence of the Street speaks to us all in a language that’s timeless, it’s universal, at times it’s the ugly truth, but you can rock with it no matter how chronologically challenged you get as long as your mind and spirit stay submerged in the fountain of youth.

Swing by THECloset YVR on Carrall Street for funky fresh boots and sneak peeks at innovative new designers and established elegant old-timers.

SIM Groove

(Follow SIM on IG: @StepIntoMyGroove / Tw: @StepIntoMyGroov)


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