Universoul Style: Fashion Hat Trick

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

Fine Felt Fedoras, Dapper Derby’s don’t bore us,
Fresh Flat Caps, Sensational Sun Hats. 

The hat is arguably the most socially defining accessory a person can wear.  A simple switch of the head pieced and you’ve changed occupations, nationalities, religions or jumped sides in a war.  The way you wear your hat can say a lot about your state of mind or current mindset.

Like Frank Sinatra once said; “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”

Hat’s can communicate who you are, what you’re doing and how you feel about it.

A quality hat transforms a man into a Gentleman.  A woman can add an air of intrigue, mystery and sass.  Alas, the hat is not simply or merely complimentary.  It can be the center piece around which you build an outfit.  If you’re fortunate enough to come across one, there are those hats, like the women’s wide brimmed Armani at THECloset YVR, that are so deliciously unique and cool, they require what I call a Suwor (pronounced “sewer”, a portmanteau of Sub Wardrobe), which is a small wardrobe to be curated and warn exclusively with said dynamic piece in mind.

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

Maybe you’ve got a great chapeau that you don’t wear anymore or a unique piece that was left by a passed relative that sit’s in the closet unworn.  Be kind, rewind, quality vintage hats designed to stand the test of time can be an incredible find.  Don’t be selfish, open your mind to the infinite possibilities that lay ahead, if not for you for someone else instead.

Let your hat be your crown that says you own the town.  Mixing, matching, colors, patterns, styles.  You can contrast and compliment at the same time with a great hat.  You can shout out loud or say it with subtlety with your hat.

Don’t be intimidated at the prospect of wearing a hat.  Take it, face it down in the mirror, pose, vogue, own it!  Trying on hats can and should be a fun experience.  You might be pleasantly surprised to see just how good you look in a hat.  Step out there in the name of your kingdom and wear your crown with pride and confidence.

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

That being said, like with all other things fashion related, on a personal level make sure you know your measurements.  An ill-fitting hat can lead to headaches or a sloppy, unrefined, immature look.

Find a good hat store with quality hats, keep a look out at vintage and resale/upscale shops and boutiques.  Spice up your wardrobe with something special for your head.  For sure you won’t be a bore, I implore you to explore the infinite variety, the potential notoriety that a carefully curated crown can bring.

SIM Groove

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