Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Vintage Fendi with Hyrule

Knotwerk by Ritchie Po, Ritchie Po, Helen Siwak, Hyrule, Fendi, Vancouver, YVR

It’s been a busy autumn so far in Vancouver, with numerous events such as the Nordstrom gala, the Luxury & Supercar Weekend, the Lao Feng Xiang opening and the presentation of the new Harry Rosen in Pacific Centre. More people are asking me which of the many knots I’ve tried has been my favourite. Although I’m partial to a simple Pratt or classic Windsor knot for business, I’ve started wearing the Cape to mix it up. While pondering how I could wear different knots at once with a single cravat, I found a video that … does exactly that. Frugal Fellows Fashion has invented the stunning Hyrule knot in a rare vintage Fendi necktie.

This knot starts off with a simple Pratt knot, using the wider end. Pull the knot into position as you would the Pratt (Shelby), and ensure you have room on the narrow end at the back. The more fabric you have on the narrow end, the easier it is to tie the Hyrule, but it is not a requirement (unless your tie is very short). Take the narrow end and wrap it around the base of the Pratt knot, taking care to fold crisp corners so it does not bunch up. Pull the narrow end over the right and the left of the cravat as you would a Cape or Atlantic knot, then finish by pulling what’s left of the narrow end through the back of the knot. The result is a gorgeous, luxurious hybrid similar to the stunning Diamond knot we wrote about a few weeks back.

Knotwerk by Ritchie Po, Ritchie Po, Helen Siwak, Hyrule, Fendi, Vancouver, YVR

Shirt: DKNY; Jacket: Parasuco (vintage); Boots: Kenneth Cole; Jeans: Uniqlo

We have many more events to look forward to this fall, including the newly-opened La Maison Simons, Hudson’s Bay’s annual “Guys’ Night Out”, the opening of several exciting luxury boutiques and shopping nights at The Closet YVR in the coming weeks.

My friends at the Carousel Theatre for Young People are partnering with John Fluevog once again for the annual “Step Up 4 CTYP” fundraiser, have you gotten your tickets yet? If not – buy them here. I hope to see you at one or more of the upcoming soirees. Remember to dress impeccably, more than what our “Pacific Northwest town” (as our critics call us) considers acceptable for events. Wherever you go, tie carefully …

Knotwerk by Ritchie Po, Ritchie Po, Helen Siwak, Hyrule, Fendi, Vancouver, YVR

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po
IG: ritchie.po

(All photographs by Helen Siwak of THEClosetYVR)


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