Winter Trend Show: La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique, Canada, Michelle Phaneuf, Bar None, Helen Siwak

La Biosthetique Canada hosted their Winter Trend show entitled ‘Star Club’ at Bar None Nightclub in Vancouver’s historic and upscale Yaletown. Known for its great party scene, Bar None was at capacity with talented hair artists representing salons in Western Canada. So many of the key La Biosthetique Canada personnel were in attendance including viviacious Sales Manager Michelle Phaneuf who greeted invitees and the General Manager Canada Philip Jung, who partnered up with the DJ in keeping everything on track and rolling smoothly.

Celebrating the irresistible star appeal and spirit of the 1970s, there were five exciting cuts performed live on women and men. The classic cuts were modernized to match catwalk trend, current colour aesthetics and sleek craftsmanship.

All the looks combined represented luxury with their vibrancy, elegant shine and a diverse range of styling options to ensure a smooth morning to night transition. The stylist’s relied heavily on the new dry volume powder which is now available in spray in combination with the classic Formule Laque Fine spray.

La Biosthetique, Canada, Michelle Phaneuf, Bar None, Helen Siwak

Looks: Mona, Franzi, Ella

The cuts included casual textured Mona, a graduated lob in soft waves named Franzi, the mysterious and sexy Ella bob, Tomek was a cool layered look with short nape and fringe and finally the Aya, defined by its shortness and fringed sides. Each of these cuts was demonstrated with narration to a cheering crowd.

La Biosthetique, Canada, Michelle Phaneuf, Bar None, Helen Siwak

Looks: Tomek & Aya

Marc Riese, Canadian Creative Director, announced the five Canadian semi-finalists in the La Biosthetique Paris International Stylist National Winners competition. Black 2 Blond Salon stylists Dylan Beatch and Sara Jayne Burke won first and second respectively. Dylan will continue to the international finals to be held in Paris. The winning look submissions were styled by Sarah D’Arcey and photographed by Matthew Chen.
La Biosthetique, Canada, Michelle Phaneuf, Bar None, Matthew Chen, Dylan Beatch, Helen Siwak

Winning cut by Dylan Beatch of Black2Blond Salon.
Image credit: Matthew Chen

Following the spectacular confetti canon blast and champagne pops the whole room erupted in flashes and the party really got started!
La Biosthetique, Canada, Michelle Phaneuf, Bar None, Jerome Insorio, Gian Carlo, Helen Siwak

Image credit: Jerome Insorio

The third part of the evening involved an avant garde couture fashion show that highlighted the talents of the La Biosthetique hair academy, featured jewelry by Carolyn Bruce with the looks created and styled by Gian Carlo with the assistance of Jerome Insorio.

A great evening of celebration that highlighted the latest trends in hair and styling for the winter.

(This article written by Helen Siwak was originally published in Blush on October 22, 2015). 


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