Universoul Style: Fashionably Conscious with Style in the Soul

Brightly colored lights flicker at night, across the city, busy avenues go from gritty to pretty, peoples attitudes go from shitty to Hello Kitty.

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

Tis the season to celebrate moral sensibilities, to extol our ethics, to wax lyrical about our principles and values.

Tis the season to examine all aspects of our lives and find creative ways to glorify our conceptual and constructed beliefs.

Sometimes people have an inner voice that speaks to them in a certain way that elicit’s action. If there is something inside of you that requires some sort of outward expression, if you feel deeply enough in something to the point of wanting to take measures to enact some level of change. Let your passion for fashion bring you a sense of personal satisfaction.

Go beyond the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Don’t limit your contribution to simply wearing PETA approved products, Vegan Vogue and “Made In” pride t-shirts with catchy slogans. Social charity events and parties are great excuses to get out and go shop for a new outfit or two.

Attending and organizing fashion soirees aren’t just for the sartorial super elite. Some of the best fund/awareness raising events are formal to informal meet and greets at chic local boutiques. Simple yet sophisticated multi-purpose suites, run by socially conscious individuals with their finger to the pulse of the street.

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

Think for a moment about what is close to your heart, then think about the kind of cool and classy or laid back and simple event that you yourself would love to attend. Grab a friend and venture out and around the creatively cool section of town. Some of these chic boutiques of which I speak actually are quite open to the idea of special events and fundraisers.

Dare to make a difference, have the courage to be the change. If you see something that makes you wanna say something, do something that changes something. Conscience is the voice of the soul.

Use fashion as a megaphone to let your voice be heard.

SIM Groove

(Follow SIM on IG: @StepIntoMyGroove / Tw: @StepIntoMyGroov)


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