Favreau: Form & Fabrics: Experimentation

Wizards aren’t the only things that will be shape shifting this Halloween weekend. Designers are finding new ways to mold, blend, and cut textiles to give new life into traditional garments. By doing so, they have brought enchantment and intrigue to their collections. This manipulation has empowered brands to create solid reputations for their abilities to transform and repurpose clothes into works of art.

Maxime Favreau, Dolce and Gabbana, Helen Siwak, Abby Kanak, ecoluxury, vancouver, yvr

Image credit: Vogue.com

Alexander McQueen used a Tim Burton-esque novelty with leather and mesh paneled blazer and leather duo-toned skirt to execute the spirit of misunderstood and dark romance. Comme des Garçons played with an intense, and captivating use of scarlett red that can seduce even the most timid of stylistas. The tension of the soft, delicate dresses adorned with shredded, long fringes is an ideal mix of femininity and chaos.

Maxime Favreau, Issey Miyake, Helen Siwak, Abby Kanak, ecoluxury, vancouver, yvr

Issey Miyake vibrant blue long cardigan

Issey Miyake has made pleating into a specialized work of art. This fabric morphing is lightweight and enables the wearer to move with incredible ease. His pleating technique, which was introduced in 1989, has become an integral part of his brand and has won the respect and admiration of women everywhere. His technique includes using an oversized piece of cloth was cut and sewn into the shape of the desired clothing, the sandwiched between two layers of washi paper and fed into a heat press. This process retains the pleats permanently into the clothing’s fibers.

Maxime Favreau, etro, Helen Siwak, Abby Kanak, ecoluxury, vancouver, yvr

Etro crinkle silk athletic inspired jacket

Etro used crinkled fabric for this iridescent purple silk jacket. The process to achieve this look requires the gathering or stitching oversized fabric when damp, it is then processed through heat and pressure. The random fabric crinkle gives into the punk-chic aesthetic, which can be paired with a simple black dress. Fabrics that are usually crinkled are lightweight and colorful, to show the dimensions and purposefulness of the garments.

Maxime Favreau, Dolce and Gabbana, Helen Siwak, Abby Kanak, ecoluxury, vancouver, yvr

Dolce and Gabbana elastic waist pencil skirt

Dolce and Gabbana silver and aquamarine jacquard brocade skirt is a beautiful combination of fabric experimentation and intense craftsmanship. The Jacquard process includes a fabric woven on a jacquard loom, which allows individual control on interlacing of up to several hundred-warp threads that can give birth to innumerable unique patterns. This silver raised pattern shows accentuates that multiple shades of green to add depth and complexity to an outfit.

Maxime Favreau, Helen Siwak, Abby Kanak, ecoluxury, vancouver, yvr

Vintage Abby Kanak ruffled cocktail dress

This Abby Kanak brick red cocktail dress has taken ribbons of fabric, to sew and gather them into unique and spiral patterns. This exclusive hand-detail adds dimension to the garment, and to the chambray-style body.

It is incredibly easy to pair any of these garments with a pair of simple black pumps, a light blazer for a night on the town with your friends.



Website: www.maximefavreau.com
Twitter: @maximefav

(Photography by Helen Siwak of THECloset YVR)


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