Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Balmain with Murrell

Knotwerk by Ritchie Po, Helen Siwak, Fluevog,

“There are no small parts, only small actors.”

The great acting coach Constantin Stanislavski said that about younger actors who are not quite ready for leading roles yet. I thought about this for this year’s annual John Fluevog “Step Up for the Carousel Theatre for Young People” (or “CTYP”) fundraiser. Now in its second year, this fantastic gala and shopping night racked up an amazing $26,000 in just one evening last November, with half the proceeds donated to CTYP, a Vancouver company that trains and puts on productions starring aspiring young musical theatre stars. We may not always see child and youth actors taking centre stage, which is why I’ve dedicated this week’s blog post to the theatre and its young stars, and chosen a knot tied in a vintage Balmain luxury cravat. (Coincidentally, Balmain X H&M’s collaboration on a capsule collection goes on sale at over 250 locations worldwide tomorrow.)

Knotwerk by Ritchie Po, Helen Siwak, Fluevog,

Shirt: RW & Co.; Vest: vintage (unknown); Jeans: Uniqlo; Belt: Calvin Klein; Shoes: John Fluevog; Socks: English Laundry

The Murrell knot is a special one in that it’s unexpected and almost inside-out, unorthodox and guaranteed to stand out. The knot is made almost using a standard Windsor , the twist is the little end of the knot then rides through the knot and takes center stage on its own. In fact, you will be working with the narrow end of the tie, rather than the wider end. Start with the big end closer to your navel or belt buckle, and leave some room for the little end because you will need it for the final touch. Create an anchor as you would with the Atlantic knot then wrap the little around the front to cover the two triangles. Bring the little end over the top, and weave it straight down through the centre loop, over top of the cravat itself. The effect is that my tie looks like it is wearing its own tie. This works particularly well with non-monochromatic, two-tone ties with unorthodox patterns, so that the pattern on the little end contrasts against the main design on the rest of the cravat. By analogy, we can also see the smaller supporting player take centre stage, much like the CTYP encourages its troupe of young actors to do.

Image credit:

Here is the secret: it is an easy knot to tie. Once the “Windsor” is in place, that extra flourish makes it just a little bit different, yet special. However, as with the Merovingian knot , the loose little end may look unfinished, so wear a vest or a sweater over top to hide the bottom of the little end.

Fluevog Shoe CloseUp

The Step Up 4 CTYP gala is sure to be a night to remember. Join us to shop for strikingly delicious Fluevog shoes, donate to a fun local charity, nibble and sip on a series of delights from local caterers, and partake in our silent auction. Tonight’s gala, like last year, will once again be hosted by Todd Talbot of Love It or List It Vancouver and shall feature musical performances from some of the young up-and-coming stars of CTYP. Tickets are only $5 online or $10 at the door and include a drink ticket, which you can purchase here. You’ll be sure to find a pair you’ll find in love with, check out the “Privacy” mirrored shoes I picked up for last year’s charity event (which I also wore to the Nordstrom gala).

Knotwerk by Ritchie Po, Helen Siwak, Fluevog,

We’d like to thank Stephen Bailey at Fluevog’s flagship location on Water Street in Gastown, and look forward to seeing everyone at tonight’s gala!

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po

IG: StyledLegally

(Photography by Helen Siwak of THECloset YVR)


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