Universoul Style: High Performance Street Chic

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

Living in the city is a serious task. You want drama? You don’t have to ask.

Dodging addicts and the intoxicated, the self medicating and the hallucinating. Monks in orange robes hustling for money. A guy playing drums and a woman singing on the corner, for money. The meter maid is giving someone a ticket and towing their car, that’s gonna cost them a lot of money!

Navigating the daily drama can give you head trauma so make sure to start at the top and protect your crown with a Goorin Bro’s. creation. If you’re gonna do it, look good doin’ it. Do it and do it well.

Mode of travel is also a key factor to take into consideration when contemplating the daily couture.

Walking extended distances or riding a bike requires high performance street chic. Depending on the look of the skies, you might have to accessorize. If the temperature is down then you need to layer up. Repurposed cashmere sleeves and scarves made from old dresses area functional and fashionable.

Maintaining a comfortable body temperature will keep stress levels to a minimum, a must for city dwellers in a city where pandemonium is always right around the corner.

Vintage pieces are often worn well and offer a level of broken in comfort that cannot be experienced with a brand new product. Having the ability to move freely can literally be the difference between life and death while navigating the walkways, paths and roads of the city.

If your life cycle is set to spin and you like to peddle through the city, it’s no sin to look cute sitting pretty. Take some cues from bike messenger couture, blend with classic forms and sensibilities and you get a hybrid style that’s classy hip and cool.

Night time is the right time for stylish sneakers and slacks to slip into club doors around the back down the halls with the brick walls, talk to the man in black.

Comfortably constructed and classy will always do better than pop tart haut couture.

For sure comfort breeds a confidence that maintains it’s cool when surrounded by choreographed chaos. Take care as to what you wear keeping the aforementioned in mind. It’s not a crime to look good, and it’s a damn shame not to.

Sim G, Universoul Style, Hat Trick, Helen Siwak, THECloset YVR, Vancouver, YVR

SIM Groove

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