Knotwerk by Ritchie Po: Zegna with Parcel


Ritchie - Angelo Centre

Shirt: Prada; Blazer: House of Howe; Jeans: Hudson; Coat:  J.Crew; Belt: Calvin Klein; Boots: Browns

What becomes a legend most? In sports, it’s something memorably iconic like the way Beckham bends it, or Jordan’s slam-dunk, or Kim’s Olympic free skate. In fashion, it’s often the simple, clean, elegant look that’s timeless but also has that extra little attention to detail. At THECloset YVR, we love luxury that pays attention to the little details, because those are what ultimately make pieces classic and timeless.

knotwerk by ritchie po, helen siwak, angelo caroli, vintage, popup, mcarthurglen, vancouver, yvr

Recently, we attended the Vancouver presentation of famed Italian collector Angelo Caroli’s vintage couture collection, and were fortunate enough to attend the media launch of his A.N.G.E.L.O. concept store at McArthurGlen YVR. For the occasion, I chose a tie that pays that extra attention to the details: Linwood’s the Parcel Knot, in a favoured vintage Italian label, Zegna.

This is another of the “little end” knots where you work mainly with the smaller end and not the big one. Start with the wide end at your belly button on your right (as opposed to your left), leaving room for the little end to work. Start by crossing over and creating a spiral, and then taking the little end over the front once to hold the spiral in place. Take the little end through the centre loop, and then fold it along the crease in half to your right. Here’s where it gets complicated: you then loop the little end around the back and over the centre loop again, this time to your left, keeping the long fold in place. You will then create two little “piping” loops that frame the centre knot. Keep the two “piping” loops relatively loose. Take the little end through the centre from right to left, being careful not to bunch it up the middle.

knotwerk by ritchie po, helen siwak, angelo caroli, vintage, popup, mcarthurglen, vancouver, yvr

Finish it off by the hiding the little end under your collar. What will make people pay attention to this knot are the little loops framing the centre. They also create an illusion with the tie and frames the centre knot, allowing an extra little detail to make it look intricate while still being easy to tie. Needless to say, work with a thinner tie and not a thick one. This works well for wider ties as well, they will in fact make the knot pop more and create a bolder statement.

This is not our first encounter with Angelo Caroli, as our editor-in-chief Helen Siwak interviewed him (through an interpreter) in early November and wrote this profile on him. Having started his love of collecting vintage couture at 17 years old, Caroli travels the world finding and collecting luxury pieces for his Milanese home and museum, which has over 180,000 vintage, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Caroli has done so well as a luxury brokerage that he has an extensive list of international pop-up events.

knotwerk by ritchie po, helen siwak, angelo caroli, vintage, popup, mcarthurglen, vancouver, yvr

Soni, onsite curator from A.N.G.E.L.O.

At the new McArthurGlen YVR location, I chatted with his curator and couture broker Soni about the importance of collecting and creating a base wardrobe of luxury pieces to mark one’s self as a serious collector, which is how Caroli has done so well. The shop boasts pieces from every luxury designer imaginable, including the largest collection of vintage Valentino ties I’ve seen so far in Vancouver, and even a select number of vintage Hermès and Marinella.

knotwerk by ritchie po, helen siwak, angelo caroli, vintage, popup, mcarthurglen, vancouver, yvr

Luxury designer neckties at A.N.G.E.L.O. pop-up

For true lovers of Italian couture, the only brands that matter are Mario (father of Ermenegildo) Zegna and Marinella, and this is currently one of the few places in town to get them right now. The new location of A.N.G.E.L.O. is sure to attract luxury buyers on their way to and from Vancouver, particularly as its new location is just two stops away from Vancouver International Airport.

Ritchie Long Shot

We’d like to thank Brooklyn and Crystal at Citizen Relations for the invitation to the A.N.G.E.L.O. party, to Soni and Stefano for ensuring that we had a great time, to Bibo for the incredible catering (and congratulations on your new location!), and we look forward to spending more time at his new shop at the McArthur Glen YVR outlet.

The Discover Timeless Luxury pop-up is open until December 31, 2015.

Tie carefully, yours in knotwerk,

Ritchie Po

IG: StyledLegally

(Photography and compilations by Helen Siwak of THECloset YVR)


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