Helen Siwak

Helen Siwak, Dior, Modaselle

Helen Siwak
Co-Founder & President
Ecostylist, Consultant & Header Curator of Collections

Helen is an entrepreneur with a love of the environment, ecofriendly fashion, and the animal rights movement.

She is the founder and driving force behind ecoluxury lifestyle online magazine Eco.Lux.Luv and online designer resale boutique THECloset YVR via TheUpside.ca.

World travel and living abroad has given her personal insight to creative side of human nature and she chooses for her family an ecoluxury lifestyle that involves a supporting a plant-based diet for physical and environmental health, activism, and volunteerism. With over 15 years of business building and years of experience in fashion, publishing, film, music, television and entertainment law she is always looking for new challenges and alliances.

Helen is editor/publisher for her own lifestyle blog EcoLuxLuv and in 2015 has contributed over 100 luxury fashion and prestigious event reviews to numerous online magazines including the highest read online Vancouver daily VancityBuzz, Blush Vancouver Magazine, Retail-Insider and New York’s Fashion With A Conscience.



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